The Mount Washington Avalanche Center Foundation launched a fundraising campaign to create a groundbreaking film that aims to raise awareness about the hazards and potential consequences of backcountry skiing on Mount Washington, focusing on prevention, education, and the poignant stories of those who have faced these dangers firsthand. Our goal is not just to tell their stories but to spark a cultural shift that prioritizes safety, knowledge, and preparation in the ski mountaineering community.

The explosion of backcountry skiing popularity has brought with it an increase in tragic and life-altering incidents, underlining a critical gap in awareness and education among those new to the sport. The recent accident on March 9th, 2024, serves as a tragic reminder of the inherent danger of the mountains. Three skiers, eager to embrace the thrill of backcountry skiing, faced a catastrophic fall in Tuckerman Ravine—resulting in one fatality and 2 cases of life-threatening injuries. This tragedy, along with many others, underscores the urgent need for a film that addresses this critical gap.


Our film will weave together stories of recent accidents, educational content, and prevention strategies to create a compelling narrative that resonates with every skier dreaming of untouched snow. By highlighting the real risks and emphasizing the importance of preparation and respect for the mountains, we aim to equip skiers with the knowledge to make safer decisions in the backcountry.

With a fundraising goal of $50,000, every contribution brings us closer to changing the narrative around backcountry skiing safety. Your support will fund the creation, distribution, and promotion of this vital film. We plan to premiere it at the Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop, submit it to film festivals, and make it freely available on the avalanche center’s website, ensuring it reaches our entire community and beyond.

This is more than a film; it’s a movement towards a safer, more informed future in the backcountry. By supporting our project, you’re not just helping to make this film a reality—you’re taking a stand for the safety and education of every skier who ventures into the backcountry. Let’s honor the lives affected by these tragedies by empowering others with the knowledge to avoid them.

Together, we can save lives and transform backcountry skiing into a safer pursuit for all. Your donation today is a step towards a safer tomorrow. Join us in making a difference. Thank you so much for your support.

Please join us in remembering those who have lost their life in falls in the Presidential Range and the many, many others who have been affected directly and indirectly.

Madison Saltsburg, 20
Jeremy Ullmann, 37
Richard Gabriele, 64
Norman Priebatsch, 67
Patrick Powers, 46
Robert Douglas, 39
Jason Gaumond, 28
Hilary Manion, 22
Ned Green, 27
Robert Vandel, 50
Donald Cote, 48
Chris Schneider, 32
Cheryl Wiengarten, 22
Edwin Costa, 34
Mark Brockman, 19
Kenneth Hokenson, 23
Edward Aalbue, 21
Kathy Hamann, 25
Scott Whinnery, 25
Margueritte Cassidy, 24
Karl Brushaber, 37
Peter Winn, 16
Christopher Coyne, 21
Mark Larner, 16

If we exceed our fundraising goal, excess donations will go towards our direct mission of education, awareness, and resources around avalanche and mountain safety.