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Avalanche Advisory for Friday, March 16, 2018

Strong NW wind created thick wind slabs yesterday. These will be found in greatest concentration in Considerable rated areas. While human-triggered avalanches are more likely than natural avalanches, wind slabs have the potential to run far today. A mix of cross-loading and scouring has taken place on other slopes. Pay close attention to this interplay as it may be easiest to trigger this wind slab on its outer edges. The boundary of wind slab and old surface may be blurry due to newer snow over the old ice crust. Slopes with a Moderate rating today, particularly Central Gully in Huntington, should not be taken lightly. Areas of more reactive snow will likely be found in the most sheltered areas and should be negotiated appropriately. Old icy surface or older firm wind slabs may be found in areas and will make great climbing, but also provide the potential for sliding falls. An ice axe and crampons will be useful in steep terrain today.

Huntington and Tuckerman Ravine Advisory Map

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WMAEF Continuing Education Series

Join us this Saturday, March 17, at 5pm at International Mountain Equipment (IME) for the third installment in the White Mountain Avalanche Education Fund’s Continuing Education Series. Helon Hoffer will be reviewing fracture mechanics and exploring fracture arrest.