Avalanche Forecast for Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wind slabs formed over the weekend continue to strengthen under clear bluebird weather. Generally stable conditions are found at all elevations, though unstable pockets may exist in steep east facing terrain where the slabs will be the thickest. Under clear skies today, you’ll be able to easily see large expanses of bright, white but generally thin wind slab in the Headwall of Tuckerman Ravine and higher in the gullies of the Gulf of Slides. Sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures may soften south facing slopes in the ravines enough for some good skiing - maybe. For those seeking turns on sun softened snow, be mindful of the long sliding fall hazard on our largely refrozen hard snowpack. A thin edgeable layer of soft snow can result in a dangerous long sliding fall in steep terrain, and sun softened snow will refreeze quickly again with overhead clouds or a moving shade line. Crampons, an ice axe and your ability to accurately assess the chances for successful self-arrest are required for traveling on snow slopes today. All forecast areas have LOW avalanche danger.

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