Spring Skiing

For most people, a springtime visit to Tuckerman Ravine is a fun, enjoyable adventure. However, through the years many people have been severely injured or killed in the ravine. The information you’ll find here is relevant to all springtime visitors, regardless of whether you come to ski, snowboard, hike, watch the people, race, or whatever you choose to do. Your decisions can directly impact how your day goes, both in terms of fun and in terms of safety. Often, it takes only a very small amount of extra effort to do something in a safer way. Our role on the mountain is to help people make safer, more informed decisions. It’s up to you to make the actual decisions. As is written on each avalanche advisory throughout the winter and spring:

“You control your own risk by choosing where, when, and how you travel.”

If you have questions about the hazards, we encourage you to seek answers before you make the voyage to Mt. Washington. On the mountain, you will find numerous Forest Service Snow Rangers, Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrollers, and AMC staff. We are all there to help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask any of us if you need more information.

Spring Skiing Hazards

Spring Skiing Info