April 19, 2015

At approximately 0930 on a day which would see nearly 3000 visitors on the mountain, Snow Rangers received a relayed radio call from Gorham Dispatch via Mount Washington State Park staff of a hiker experiencing shortness of breath on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. One Snow Ranger and a MWVS Patroller descending to crossover #7, assessed the patient and transferred care from a nurse who had happened upon the gentlemen and rendered assistance. Personnel  transported the patient via snowmobile and transferred him to Gorham Ambulance. The patient was transported to Memorial Hospital and flown by helicopter to the cardiac care unit at Maine Medical Center.

The laws of probability would dictate that some percentage of visitors will experience a form of trauma while engaging in a high risk activity like steep skiing or climbing in our terrain. Those same laws also support the reality that medical emergencies in otherwise healthy people also emerge. It is great to have the assistance of bystanders when situations arise since a busy day increases the chance that our personnel and equipment may be stretched thin by emerging incidents. Kudos to this nurse who stepped up to help a stranger in need.