April 17, 2005

At 1530 a climber was struck on the head by falling ice while climbing in Central Gully in Huntington Ravine. The patient was wearing a helmet and lost consciousness for 1 minute due to the impact. She was with a group of 14 people who initiated a self-evacuation. The patient was treated by members of her party, packaged in a litter from a near-by rescue cache and they began transporting her down the mountain. The group sent one person out ahead for help and the incident was reported to USFS Snow Rangers at 1700. Two Snow Rangers responded from Pinkham Notch with oxygen and other medical supplies. They met the group on the Tuckerman Ravine trail, administered oxygen and assisted them down to Pinkham Notch. The patient was met by an ambulance at Pinkham Notch and transported to a local hospital. The incident took two USFS Snow Rangers 2 hours to complete.