Local Mountain Weather Course

The White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation and the NHOC are sponsoring a Mountain Weather Workshop in North Conway, NH. Senior Forecaster and Education Specialist Mike Carmon, of the Mount Washington Observatory, will be teaching topics relevant to avalanche forecasting and mountain travel in the White Mountains.

Topics will include weather variables and measurement, mesoscale and synoptic scale features, case studies on winter storms and forecasting challenges such as Norlun Troughs, Nor’easters, Alberta Clippers, Upsloping Events and more.

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This course is geared to avalanche professionals, guides, and mountain rescuers.

Registration is limited in number with scholarship seats available for $40 awarded by nomination to 2 members of each local rescue team. More seats will be available to people unaffiliated with local teams for $80.


The class is 16 hours long and spread over the following dates:

  • Wednesday, February 21, 5-9pm at IME
  • Friday, February 23, 5:30-9pm at the MWObs Weather Discovery Center (WDC)
  • Wednesday March 7, 5-9pm at the MWObs WDC
  • Wednesday March 21, 5-9pm at the MWObs WDC


Proceeds of the course will benefit the White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation.


Stability Test Alphabet Soup: What do they even mean? Continuing Ed at IME, 5:00 PM Saturday 2/17/18

Strategic Field Observations

CT22 Q1 SC, ECTP27, PST 60/100 End, no whumphing, some shooting cracks, I see wind blowing snow around, I have to push kinda hard to make a hand shear fail… What does this all mean? CAN I SKI IT?

We have these stability assessment tools and many more at our disposal. They’re all supposed to ultimately guide our “Go” and “No Go” decisions. Is this a simple process? No. Do you find it challenging? You’re not alone. Can we all get better at interpreting stability test results and snowpack observations? Yes.

A snowpack is constantly changing and we have a variety of avalanche problems to contend with every season. Varied conditions require a varied approach to snow stability assessment. Join us to dive into this topic at a FREE event this Saturday evening. We’ll use stability tests and other familiar snow stability assessment tools as a starting point in a deeper discussion about letting conditions dictate your observation strategies.

Strategic observations can help any of us make better decisions in the mountains. It’s all about having more good days and coming home in one piece. See you Saturday evening!

MWAC Continuing Education Series, #2

Mount Washington Avalanche Center and White Mountains Avalanche Education Foundation

Saturday, February 17, 2018

5:00 PM (approximately 1 hour total)

IME- International Mountain Equipment

2733 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860

Free to attend!