Entries by Ryan Matz

Avalanche Advisory for Monday, January 22, 2018

Winter weather is inbound though the small amount of snowfall forecast today has minimal potential to elevate our avalanche danger. More isolated pockets of wind slab may develop from new snow on moderate winds today and tonight remain our primary avalanche problem. Small in size, if triggered these slabs aren’t likely to bury you but could cause a long sliding fall on our largely rock hard snow surface. Until more significant accumulation of snow and mixed precipitation late tonight and into tomorrow, sliding falls above numerous hazards remain a primary concern for travelers in steep terrain.

Avalanche Advisory for Sunday, January 21, 2018

Isolated pockets of wind slab exist in our terrain, though much of the snow surface is very hard and refrozen following the warm-up that occurred late last week. This very hard, icy snow will likely be your primary travel concern today for its potential to allow a long sliding fall. If you did trigger a small wind slab avalanche, it could easily knock you off your feet and cause such a fall. Realize that even those who are highly skilled in steep snow climbing with crampons and ice axe would have little chance of effectively self-arresting to stop this kind of slide. Additionally, melt out of rocks, trees, stream beds, and other hazards in the fall line of steep terrain make a traumatic outcome of a long sliding fall likely.