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Avalanche Advisory for Thursday, February 22, 2018

Huntington and Tuckerman Ravines have LOW avalanche danger. All forecast areas have Low avalanche danger. Generally safe avalanche conditions exist. The Little Headwall is not rated and is once again an open waterfall with very little snow coverage remaining. AVALANCHE PROBLEM: Avalanche concerns today have been erased by the record setting warmth and rain over […]

Avalanche Advisory for Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our primary problem will be in the form of the skier or rider initiated loose wet avalanches which are trending towards likely today. Loose Wet avalanches which will be possible for a skier or snowboarder to initiate in steep terrain are our primary avalanche problem. Moderate rated areas held more soft snow at the surface prior to the current warm and wet weather and will be capable of producing large loose wet sluff and point release avalanches. While such avalanches would likely not bury you without a significant terrain trap, they can easily cause a fall and even carry you downhill. Realize that the steep terrain where loose wet activity is most likely to occur is also a particularly high consequence place to take a fall.

 If you venture into the terrain today, be aware that the record warmth is awakening a number of our typical spring hazards. Water flowing beneath the snow surface is creating areas of undermined snow that you could easily break through. Overhead hazards including icefall and to a lesser extent rockfall should be respected. When choosing terrain today, remember that these avoidable hazards have resulted in many accidents, some of them fatal. Don’t neglect to look at safer and equally rewarding options.