The Pit


There’s always a lot written in the daily avalanche advisory, but there’s usually much more discussion that can’t possibly fit. So after a few months of back and forth we’ve decided to carve out a spot here online to accomodate that overflow of information. Somedays it will be a short video, maybe a paragraph discussing hoar frost or how graupel is affecting stability.  And then on other times we just have something interesting about the mountain that’s pent up inside itching to get out and The Pit, a hole dug to seek information and answers to questions, is the best place to let it sing.   So….welcome to “The Pit“.

Informed decision making = better decision making

In this morning’s advisory I wrote briefly about the decision making of two individuals who skied the Lip Saturday afternoon. I’d like to expand on this commentary, in order to provide a little more context, but primarily because I think what I observed is unfortunately too common, yet easy to avoid these same behavior patterns. […]

Valentine's Day Storm Thoughts

Valentine’s Day Storm Thoughts

Here we are again at the start of another winter storm. If you listen to what people are saying about the snow, you can pretty quickly tell whether or not they see this as a blessing or a curse. Personally, I love it. I remember a year in my hometown of Oswego NY where it […]

Mid-season status update

It may be Super Bowl Sunday, but this is a notable time of the year for reasons unrelated to football. To me, it marks the rough halfway point of the winter. Sure, it’s not exactly halfway, but it’s close enough especially if you separate out the spring ski season from the winter season. So tonight, […]

One person’s Snowpocalypse is another person’s good day in the mountains…..

As promised, this morning, I have a some opinions to share on the Patriots game but I will spare those who don’t enjoy the topic until the end of the post. For now, let’s dig into some current weather. The most interesting thing currently, at least for us, is the oddball wind today which apparently […]

Weekend Update Feedback Needed!

We have recently decided to stop writing Weekend Updates during the winter months. For more information, about why please see this Weekend Update post.  We are collecting comments and data to decide whether or not to resume this product for the late March-May spring ski season.  Please consider giving us some feedback and comments in the […]

Chronology of an incident report

Chronology of an incident report

Often when an avalanche incident takes place, or other search and rescue for that matter, the information that we have available to us changes over time. In some cases, we want to get information out to the public before we have the complete picture of what actually happened. This is exactly how the latest avalanche […]