Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol


Ski Patrol LogoThe Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol (MWVSP) is a volunteer organization that works alongside the Mount Washington Avalanche Center each spring. Founded in 1939, the Patrol provides information and rescue assistance for visitors to Mount Washington’s eastern slopes, with a focus on the springtime skiers, snowboarders, and hikers in Tuckerman Ravine. We’re here to help, so whether it’s your first visit to the ravine or your 100th, don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions.

Individually, the Patrol is made up of a diverse and talented group of people. Each patroller brings a unique set of skills to the team. There are individuals who are EMTs, paramedics, doctors, and nurses. Some patrollers have traveled the world on climbing and ski trips, while others have over 40 years of focused attention on Mount Washington. Aside from the skills used on the mountain, they spend their working hours as engineers, IT managers, builders, doctors, nurses, etc. Despite these differences, each member of the Patrol has one thing in common: they are committed to making the ravines a safer and more enjoyable place for people to visit.

Ski Patrol Director

John Knieriem, MWVSP Director

Patrol Director John Knieriem joined the MWVSP in 1988 and has been director since 1994. His love of and dedication to Tuckerman Ravine is unparalleled. In the early season you will often find him mingling among the crowd at the Hermit Lake Shelters; later in the season you might find John staffing an information table at the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. Stop by and say hello when you see him.

Interested in joining the Patrol? We are always interested in meeting potential new patrollers. If you have a strong desire to help others, strong mountain and medical skills, and the willingness to make a commitment to being around for multiple seasons, you should stop by and talk to a patroller on Mt. Washington.