Volunteer Trail Maintenance

Sherburne Ski Trail
Saturday, June 25, 2016

jeff cut

Jeff Lane puting his time in on the Huntington Ravine Fire Road.

Join the Mount Washington Avalanche Center and the Androscoggin Trail Crew on Saturday, June 25, for a day of maintenance on the Sherburne Ski Trail. We will focus on cutting and removing trees and brush that have slowly moved into the trail corridor. Help us celebrate the end of spring skiing by making sure the skiing this coming winter will be epic!

The plan is to meet in the Pinkham parking lot at 7am, at the base of the Sherburne. We will hike up to Hermit Lake and admire the new deck (shout out to Frank Carus and Friends of Tuckerman!) before getting down to business. For the remainder of the morning, we will focus on the section of trail between the Little Headwall and Hermit Lake. Following this, the plan will be to start working our way down the trail, removing trees from the trail and restoring the trail to its original width.

This will be a labor intensive day, so come prepared. Bring gloves, eye protection, rain gear and plenty of food. Please leave the power tools at home. If you have loppers, a folding saw, or a pole saw, bring those. The USFS Trail Crew will be running chainsaws and brush saws for the thick areas. If all goes well, plan to return to the parking lot around 4pm. Friends of Tuckerman Ravine is putting together a BBQ for after, location TBA.

In addition to spending the day with friends making the Sherburne better, this day will also include discussions on how we as the backcountry community can improve the skiing around the White Mountain National Forest. There are several ski trails that need as much attention as the Sherburne. Together, let’s figure out how to maintain this resource and provide great skiing and riding for the years to come.

Please contact me if you plan on attending or if you have questions: hhoffer@fs.fed.us or (603) 466-2713 x1211.


Sherburne Work Poster

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