Boott Spur Trail & Boot Spur Link


Boott Spur Trail, Boott Spur Link
The Boott Spur Trail is a longer route to the summit. It climbs the ridge between the Gulf of Slides and Tuckerman Ravine, which means you will be above treeline for a much longer period of time. On nice days, this can be a wonderful, less crowded way to go. However, with prevailing winds out of the northwest, this route may force you to hike straight into the wind. The Boott Spur Link is a short and steep section of trail that connects the Boott Spur Trail with Hermit Lake Shelters. A nice loop can be made by heading up the Boott Spur Link and back down to the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center via the Boott Spur Trail.