Entries by Helon Hoffer

Avalanche Advisory for Monday, January 23, 2016

Water in the snowpack appears to be refrozen at most elevations and aspects on the mountain. As a result of this refreeze, the probability of Loose-Wet and Wet Slab avalanches will continue to decrease. One factor that is hard to pin down is the cloud cover forecast. On sunny aspects, the refreeze may slow or even reverse; be vigilant about snowpack evaluation as you venture onto steeper sunny slopes later today.

Avalanche Advisory for Saturday, January 21, 2017

With another warm day ahead of us, Wet Slab and Loose-Wet avalanches will be on our radar. Warm air temperatures and sunshine may test our snowpack today. There are two areas of new snow that present the most concern. The first of these is the areas of wind loading that occurred on Wednesday night and Thursday. These wind slabs formed on WNW winds and are largely in lee areas of our steepest terrain. The second layer of new snow presenting a concern is the areas of sluff deposit. Again, primarily under the steepest terrain, these two layers of new snow may see a strong period of warmth today that could test their bond with the old surface or soft snow interfaces underneath.