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General Bulletin for Saturday, April 23, 2016

…..FALLING ICE IS CURRENTLY THE #1 OBJECTIVE HAZARD IN TUCKERMAN. Over the years many people have been severely injured or killed by falling ice in Tuckerman. The most hazardous locations are in the center and right side of the ravine, including Lunch Rocks, the Sluice, Lip, and Center Bowl. Warm weather and rain increase the potential for icefall to occur. There is still a tremendous amount of ice waiting to fall. Avoid spending time in high risk areas such as under the Headwall or at Lunch Rocks, more aptly known as “Icefall Rocks”…..

General Bulletin for Monday, April 18, 2016

….AS OF TODAY (Monday 4/18) A SECTION OF THE TUCKERMAN RAVINE TRAIL WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL USE. This section extends from Lunch Rocks at the floor of the Ravine to the top of the Headwall where it meets the Alpine Garden Trail. Only this section of the trail is closed. This annual closure is due to the magnitude of the crevasses and undermining, and the severe consequences of a fall in this area. This includes no skiing or riding through the Lip area….READ ON