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Avalanche Advisory for Monday, February 27, 2017

This advisory expires at Midnight.  Huntington Ravine and Tuckerman Ravine have LOW avalanche danger. Natural and human-triggered avalanches are unlikely. The Little Headwall has returned to being a waterfall.  AVALANCHE PROBLEM: Night before last, 2” or so of new snow created thin wind slabs in lee terrain. An inch or so of new snow may […]

Avalanche Advisory for Friday, February 24, 2017

Skier triggered wet-loose avalanches will be the primary avalanche problem today though other emerging spring hazards will pose an equal or greater danger. Loose but heavy sluffs of snow kicked up by a skier can be challenging to deal with at times so be mindful of this hazard, especially if venturing into areas with a sunny aspect or an area that’s not been ridden recently. Though the prolonged heat wave has generally allowed weaker layers in our snowpack to settle and bond, wet slab avalanches are a greater possibility today as water travels deeper into the snowpack. The Lip waterfall often flows onto an ice layer within the snowpack resulting in a wet slab avalanche during early spring thaws with rain. Today’s record warmth and rain in the afternoon will increase the potential for this sort of avalanche activity in our forecast area.