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Avalanche Advisory for Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wind slabs remain the primary avalanche problem. Low rated areas are a mix of scoured old surface with areas of heavily wind sculpted and eroded sastrugi snow. You may encounter unstable snow in isolated areas but options to travel on the stable, icy old surface will be plentiful in low rated areas. Stubborn and firm wind slabs may provide easier travel but will also harbor a low probability risk of triggering a stubborn, hard wind slab. Moderate rated areas contain much more smooth wind slab. This typically means that the area was dominated by deposition throughout the wind and snow event. Anticipate firm, continuous thicker slabs in these areas that will also be stubborn and fairly strong but with weaker layers of new snow beneath that bring a higher probability of fracture and failure. As is often the case, these slabs have good bridging power but the possibility of finding and triggering a thin spot in the slab remains. In general, our moderate rated areas are at the lower end of the moderate rating while low rated areas are nudging towards moderate unless you are on the icy, old surface.

Stranded climbers, March 18, 2017

At around 11:30a.m., a pair of hikers set out from Pinkham Notch to summit via Huntington Ravine. At approximately 4:45p.m., snow ranger staff were contacted by AMC front desk staff that there were 2 hikers stranded near Central Gully in Huntington Ravine. Scouting in the Ravine revealed that the pair of climbers were actually located approximately […]